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Commen Problems And Solutions of UV Flatbed Printers
2015-04-14 16:11:17

UV flatbed printer breaks the limitation of digital printing technology; it is a high-tech muiti-color printing machine which achieves no plate printing with minimum one piece print quantity. It supports widest range of media and can print on metal, glass, leather, ceramics, wood, bamboo, textile, plastic, silicone, PVC, acrylic and more. It completes printing in one time, delivers UV and scratch resistant images with brilliant colors in high print speed mode. Although the functions of UV flatbed printer are robust, there are still some problems will appear if we operating it improperly. 

1. Print head clogging: it is mainly because of the impurity precipitation, and sometimes due to the strong acidity of UV ink so the print head be corroded. We should clean the print head if the printer is long unused or the ink delivering system is disordered caused by adding non-original ink. When water cleaning of print head doesn't work, we need to take the print head down, soak them into pure water for about 50-60℃and clean them with ultrasonic cleaning machine.

Malfunction of cap top cleaning is also a factor of the print head clogging. When replacing a new ink cartridge, the ink pump extracts the air in the print heads. The ink pump's performance would decrease with the extending working time and the adding remains of dusk and ink. If the users do not check and clean it regularly, the print head clogging will appears now and then. Moreover, it should be cleaned with pure water, rather than ethanol or methanol. And the lubricating oil should not be touched with the cap top.

2. Print speed slows down: Altering the continuous ink supply system follows the original ink cartridges replacement. This leads to the burden of carriage. Under this circumstance, the carriage's movement slows down, the aging speed of belt accelerates and the friction between carriage and connecting bar increases. Even worse, the carriage may unable to be reset.

We can solve this from three aspects:

(a) Motor replacing. The friction between ink tube and printer wall leads to the increase burden of motor. Replace the motor can solve this problem.

(b) Lubricate the connecting bar. Then the resistance of connecting bar to carriage would be much alleviated.

(c) Slow down the aging speed of belt. Clean and lubricate the gear can deduce the malfunction rate of aging belt.

3. Recognition failure of ink cartridges. After a certain period of working, the printer fails to recognize the black ink cartridge and the printing cannot be completed. The main reason is the waste ink damper is filled. We can clear this up through two methods.

(a) Reset the motherboard of printer, so the settings of UV flatbed printer can be cleared.

(b) Go to the maintenance service center and get the sponge of damper replaced, which is more recommended than the former one.

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