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Encoder Strip Cleaning
2015-04-16 16:55:38

Some clients pay little attention to the operation environment, which may influent the normal working of the UV flatbed printers. Why sometimes the moving carriage directly hits to the print head? And why the print images are doubled?

It may due to the encoder strip is dirty. The transparent strip above the guide rail of carriage is encoder strip. As a precision UV printer component, when it is stained with dusts or inks, the sensor at the back of carriage will fail to work normally and lead to the double print images. Therefore, the cleaning of surface of UV printing machine is very indispensable.

Through the encoder strip, we know the carriage is moving back and forth from left side to right side in accordance with the actual size of printing images during the working period. And the encoder strip defines the internal spacing of carriage movement. The sensor back the carriage controls its movement after the printing starts. Then the sensor defines the correct printing area by sensing the graduation of encoder strip. As a result, the stains of encoder strip induce the malfunction of encoder strip sensor and carriage hits to the print head.

So when the encoder strip is stained with inks or dusts, wipe it with cotton and alcohol.

In a word, it is very important to keep the operation environment clean, and it will prolong the lifetime of UV flatbed printer.

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