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What abilities textile enterprises should have for using digital printing
2016-05-17 17:49:52

The use of  digital technology in textile printing is a technology revolution of textile printing industry. After years of development, the production mode gradually turns to  mass production form design, proofing, and small batch production. The overall development is getting faster. To apply digital textile printing technology, what kinds of ability enterprises need to have?

Image design and modification ability
Due to the image can be directly printed on the fabric, the performance of pattern design style,  color changes, unlimited size and high reaction speed of proofing, all of these are the advantages can not be replaced by other printing. So, it requires digital printing factories to have a professional team of pattern design and modify, and the ability to extend the original design quickly.

Capability of continuous, fast, stable production and delivery
Facing the personalized and small batch market, the demand of rapid additional order, manufactures need to have the consciousness and ability of rapid development and fast proofing to serve the market. At the same time, they need to have the capability of continuous, fast, stable production and delivery.

Ability to attract and digest new technology
Digital printing is a new technology in development, the equipment upgrading and process updating will be fast during the continuous improvement. The upfront costs for industrial digital equipment is large, and depreciation period of equipment is short. Only rapidly to absorb and digest new technology, improve production efficiency, reduce production cost and rapidly recover initial investment cost, production enterprise can update the equipment continuously at the late state to expand the scale and develop sustainedly.


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