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New fields that digital printing profits more
2016-05-13 16:20:12
Digital printing has received a lot of people's favour in the moment it appeared, and has made very good progress in recent years. It's production characteristics of high quality and flexibility, is in line with the future development trend of the printing market. At the same time, many companies enhance value to their products with their own outstanding flower design capabilities, which also makes the digital printing becomes a rare high-profit industry in recent years, has attracted many investors to set foot in the digital printing industry.
As an alternative to traditional printing, digital printing can be widely used in clothing, home textiles and other fabrics of printing, suitable for a variety of fiber. New features of digital printing, also produced a number of new application areas.
1. Imitation yarn dyed fabric
High end digital printing machine can achieve high definition printing, and can realize the precise positioning of the pattern.Using digital printing, can print out the "real ones" dyed pattern. It can completely becomparable with yarn dyed fabric in visual effects by using this technology, can greatly reduce the production costs of department of part of yarn dyed fabric clothing such as shirts, neckties and others.
2. Embroidery
In the field of embroidery, map color drawings on the embroidery cloth fabric precisly through high precision fabric scanning and pattern recognition. This new technology not only achieve the layers of jacquard and embroidery, but also reflects the characteristics of random printing and swiftness of digital printing.
3. Cutting and sewing
In the field of personality clothing, some customers will print patterns and cutting line at the same time. And patterns and the clothing seem one unit, like a piece of perfect handicraft.
4. Personalized home
The traditional UV ink because of high viscosity and big particle size, is not suitable for inkjet printing. New UV printing ink is not only smooth, but also better fixation. At present, some people haved use digital printing on ceramic building materials, furniture veneer and other products to produce unique personalized home for customers.

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