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The rise and development of art printing and copying market
2016-05-18 17:41:51

I like Picasso, but I can affort his works. Thus art printing and copying comes into being."  It makes the art change from collection to mass consumption. In the U.S, there are hundreds of billions markets  of art reproduction. It is the most important part to do reproductions for art industrialization. The future growth of market is not in the original but in art reproductions. The sources of the original are limited and narrow, and both quantity and price of art reproductions is increasing. Fair in Shanghai, some originals of  contemporary artists value from RMB one million to RMB two million, and the copies were sold for RMB ten thousand or RMB twenty thousand. From a global perspective, simulation has become an inevitable trend in the development of the cultural consumer market.

In Western countries, whether in government offices, big hotels, office buildings or living rooms, bedrooms, you can see art reproductions. With the original exhibition,  the museum and art galleries in Western countries, have art reproductions sales. There are famous art reprodution printing company in the UK and Italy. Currently, many people began to pay their attentions to art consumption (appreciation and decoration) market. They think that it can meet several market. One is the professional market, such as some art painters, art students, art institution researchers. Some art works are hidden in the palace and it is not easily seen by others, the reproduction can meet their needs. The other is non-professional groups, such as star hotels,  restaurants , clubs, family wall space.  In addition, there has the international market, such as overseas Chinese who like Chinese art.

In china, art reproduction printing is still in its infancy stage, but it has already constituted a  enviable prospect of cultural and creative industries, which has great potential. At present, the Chinese art market is more active with huge development space and great potential. With the formation of global potential art consumer market, Chinese art printing and copying also become a major processing plant in the world art reproduction industry, emerging lots of  printing enterprises that engage in art reproduction, and some works  are exported in great quabtities.


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