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Impacts of digital printing on clothing patterns design
2016-06-14 17:50:32

The appearance of digital printing machine has brought a technical revolution for industrial textile industry. Compared with traditional printing, digital printing has obvious characteristics and advantages. It simplifies  production process, reduces the time and money costs, it also enables designers to completely free from the limitation of production technology and process conditions, and give full play to their imagination and artistic creativity to express the design concept at the same time. Generally speaking, the impact of digital printing machine on clothing designs are mainly the following aspects.

1. The design material is more extensive
By scanning or computer production and other means, digital printer makes everything be in the form of digital design through variations and combinations of computer design software, showing a new visual image. The use and extension of material has a positive impact on the designer's creative thinking and design awareness, and enhance the design originality. A variety of patterns and texture elements arranged in different combinations and design, performance in the clothing, is individuality.

2. Color design more freely
Digital printing breakthrough the limitation of colour register of traditional printing. It flexibly creates color combinations, rapid changes in color, easy to complete the color gradients, moiré and realistic color performance. Patterns are not affected by the color number and screen alignment error but vivid and rich-layered. In recent years, delicate, exquisite pictorial effect is often active on the fabric.


3. Patterned design innovation
Compared with the traditional printed fabrics follow a repeat unit shaped combinations, digital printer breaks the limitations of unit cyclically arranged in a pattern, the size of the repeating units can also be determined freely, within a certain range can  can ignore the concept of the fabric side of the web. This design gives designers full freedom of innovation, in the pattern design performance is more creative. It brings new ideas starting point for designers in the application of fabric. Especially it's advantages in patterns positioning and pieces printing, develop the diversity of fabric pattern.

4. Rich and diverse design effects
Digital printing can achieve a variety of complex patterns effect performance, breaking the limitations of traditional printing process. Through varying designs and creative ways, it expands the visual field of fabric pattern effects, resulting in a special pattern effects varied, such as three-dimensional effects, motion effects, mixing effects, light effects, psychedelic, tie-dye effect, watercolor, texture, simulation results, neon effects. Digital printing promotes the a fashion of fabric pattern innovation effect, increasing the fun and vitality.



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