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Introduction of digital textile printing machine
2016-05-04 18:04:13

Breaking tradition and realizing the real meaning no plate making, digital textile printing machine is a replacement of the traditional printing machines. The following is a simple introduction of the use of digital textile printer.

The role of digital textile printing machine

1. Digital textile printer achieves computer data output to the printing machine  and print on the object directly!
2. Suitable fabric are: T-shirt, towel, scarf, cotton clothes etc.
3. The scope of application: napa stores, museum, Wedding Photography Gallery, attractions, hospitals, schools etc.

Five big selling points of digital textile printer

1. Fast printing speed, easy to operate, no person dependent.
2. Using StarFireTM print head, high image quality, color fidelity.
3. Suitable for printing on all kinds of cotton, hemp, silk, nylon, polyester and other fabric in a high-speed .
4. The textile printing machine using special textile ink, environmental protection, in line with the requirements of the national environmental standards.

Advantages of digital textile printer

1. Equipped with professional textile printing RIP software, can change color at any time, without additional fee.
2. One step to complete, that is, printing and taking, meeting the needs of a quick sample and product out.
3. Progressive color completely to achieve the quality of the picture effect, accurate positioning, scrap rate is zero.
4. You can master it in just 30 minutes, to produce high-quality goods, no need of professional skills.
5. Computer operation, no personnel dependence, upgrade space is large.


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