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Digital textile printing will become a main stream in three years
2016-04-12 14:20:32

Digital textile printing is developing rapidly, and it will be used by 50 percent of textile printing factory in three years.

Traditional textile printing with the bussiness model of high consumption, high pollution, high emission, low added value is alreadly well-known to us, and the market capacity is gradually shrinking. Conversely, digital printing process with the characteristics of low pollution, low consumption, high added value, flexible production, conforms to development trends of green, environment protection and sustainable development.

Besides, it caters to the fast fashion of "small batch, multi variety and short delivery time", in line with the future development of dyeing and printing industry. It has many advantages: once modling, without plate, repeatedly use of some materials, high efficiency, low cost, typesetting,modify on computer. It needn't a large number of skilled workers. Besides, as an alternative to traditional printing, digital textile printing technology can widely used in the field of garments, home textiles, industrial textiles, and so on, suiting for cotton, wool, silk, hemp, polyester, nylon and other fibers and blends. It is no doubt that the prospect of digital printing is very broad.It has begin a rare high profit industry in the current market, and attracted a lot of investors have entered the field. According to experts, the next few years will be the golden period of the development of digital printing.

We can boldly proclaim that digital textile printing will become a mainstream in textile printing industry, more than 50% of the printing company will use digital printing in three years. As a well-known manufacturer of industrial ink jet printer in china, in addition to digital UV flatbed printers, hybrid UV printers, YOTTA also R&D textile printing machine for sale. If you want to know more information, you can visit our website: http://www.yo-da.com.

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