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Trends and Situation Analysis of digital printing
2016-04-26 18:00:21

In the field of international printing, color printing of traditional printing grows at a rapid rate of 30% annually, and 33% in North America. The price of color printing continue to decline.

The data indicate that in the United States in 2006, 33% of digital printing jobs achieved diversification and individuation. The growth rate of custom printing has reached 14%  in printing market, and of print jobs from the network directly has exceeded 100%. In terms of the number of printed copies, 78% copies of the four-color offset jobs hasbeen reduced to 5000 copies or less. For printing companies, it is a trend to develop digital printing. Meanwhile, the rapid development of digital printing technology has brought great opportunities to all areas of the printing industry, digital printing has become the more promising printing way.

For the development trend of digital printing, it will compete with offset printing, screen printing and flexo supplement when as a supplement of them, people in the industry think. Offset is being improved to provide more economical and competitive products, but its market will be nibbled by digital printing continuously. Digital printing will affect all aspects of printing industry, and it will be widely used in art, packaging, label printing, textiles, books, advertising and other printed matter.

In the 2006 US Printing Status talks, we had predicted that by 2012, offset market share would be reduced to 60%, which once unified the industry, while others would be occupied by variable data printing and other ways. By 2015, the proportion of total revenue created by offset printing would be reduced to about 45%, and digital printing increased to 30%, and others would be occupied by supplementary services.



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