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UV flatbed printer makes home decoration more personalized
2016-01-03 15:57:07

With continuous developing of digital inkjet technique, UV flatbed printer are widely using in home decoration, ceramic, glass and many other industries. The application of digital UV inkjet flatbed printer in home decoration could be said as a revolution of home decoration industry. It help home decoration better show the owner's personality and high grade and satisfies various designing requirements of designers.

personalized decoration printing

UV flatbed printers can print any images and 3D embossed effect not only on flat home decoration products but also on uneven surface. It makes the colors and appearances of various furniture, glass, ceramics and other decorations become much more richer.

UV flatbed inkjet printer can print anything you can imagine onto ceramic, glass, wood, metal and trinkets etc., such as print landscape photographs that taken personally, your own portrait, family portrait, wedding photo, world famous paintings and personalized beautiful images that you designed. Put those printed ceramics and glass into photo frame, it will be an non-corrosive, non-fading and unconventional decorative painting. Print those images onto large format ceramic, glass and wood, it will become a background picture with unlimited style and personality. The appearance and application of UV flatbed printer make home decoration industry enter into a new stage of rapid development, and make home decoration products more personalized, more artistic, more fashionable and more in line with decoration ideas of modern people.


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