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Custom ceiling samples show
2015-09-24 16:50:26

Custom ceiling decoration is an important part of the interior decoration. It plays an important role in the whole room decoration. Properly decorate the top surface of the room, not only can beautify the indoor environment, but also can create a colorful art image of the interior space.

Ceiling printing machine can print colorful personality image in any ceiling flat materials according to the different personality needs of customers. The ceiling color of ceiling printing machine printed is bright and colorful, also has unique style, as long as you can think out, we can print it on the ceiling.

Below are some ceiling printing samples.

The starry night sky of resplendent and mystical

Ceiling printing


Spring flowers everywhere

custom ceiling printing


The magnificent and luxurious

ceiling decoration printing


Recommended models:

YD-F2513R5 UV flatbed printer

YD-F2513R5 high quality flatbed UV printer


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