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Before We Buy a Large Format UV Inkjet Printer
2015-06-25 16:01:09

Large format UV inkjet printer is increasingly popular in many different industries, and many companies and retailers have already adopted this machine for their backing force.

The word “large format UV inkjet printer” contains two kinds of meanings:

First is UV inkjet printer, second is large format printer.

Let’s look through some main advantages of UV LED curing system of an UV ink jet printer:

1. Without or with little organic solvent volatile, and this makes it more ecological friendly than conventional printers.

2. It enables printing onto many substrates.

3. Notably reduces drying time of inks and enhances production efficiency, thus the production costs can be reduced.

4. It can be applied to many industries and applications, such as decoration industry, furniture making, signage and advertising and so many more.

Then let’s know some key information about large format printer:

The most important property of it is the elimination of printing area restriction. With large format printer, the large posters, advertisements, background walls printing can be achieved with great convenience.

When increasing the maximum printing area, the print speed has also been optimized, and the productivity can be remarkably developed. Therefore, the costs and personnel expenditure can be reduced.

Large format UV inkjet printer

Many of us are aware of the merits of UV inkjet printers and for some people who engaged in large demanding industries, their question might be whether to adopt a more productive UV ink jet printer for their rising business.

Multiple elements should be considered before you make the decision, which include: the recognition and awareness of your own industry and market, the analysis of your funding and costs, your specific needs and requirements and more.

1. In terms of the industry and market you’ve engaged in, you should investigate the overall quality of products, the profits and the competitiveness. With a large format UV inkjet printer, you can produce higher quality goods than your peer companies or competitors with unmatchable efficiency, and then you can sell them with higher prices and increase your brand effects, especially when there are demands for higher quality products in the market.

2. Then you should analyze the costs, which include the price of the machine, running costs, labor compensation, consumables and more. Some can be offered by the vendors, some are differed with your specific situations.

3. Before you buy a wide format UV inkjet printer, you should take your own requirements into considerations. How fast the print speed do you need? What’s your demand for productivity? Do you need unattended operation and 24-hour production per day? And the print area, ink types, substrates compatibility, all those elements should be considered. The price of printer is varied from different requirements.

After you have thought about the points mentioned above, you can buy a large format UV printer with better directions and targets. Furthermore, the learning of technical operations cannot be ignored, such as the adjustment of reasonable resolutions, UV lamp operation methods and so on.

No exaggeration to say, the large format UV inkjet printer brings expanded opportunities to us, develops the productivity and lowers the costs in the long run.


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