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The main factors affect UV curing
2016-08-31 15:39:26
A few days ago, one of our clients said that he was confused by long UV curing time and asked us some advice about that. We think that it may be a lots of customs facing the same problem. Therefore, we probably sum up some factors affecting UV curing for your smoother print.
UV lamp curing, ultraviolet curing

UV ink inhaled water content

This happens in UV ink storage and usage, especially caused by the humility in the workshop and warehouse. If UV ink inhaled water, it will lengthen the time of ink curing though exposed to UV radiation.

Effect of UV curing lamps

We know that UV lamp has a finite service life, which can be checked in the specifications. It is not only related to light intensity but also directly affect the curing time. Aging lamps can not dry UV ink or varnish, causing curing problem. So, period of replacement of UV lights should be taken according to the instructions. Besides, the impurities of UV printing ink and the attachment of flying dust during printing process will weaken the UV light intensity. If you think that it can not dry printed items under normal circumstances, consider to replace the lamp, too.

UV ink and printing materials influence UV curing

UV ink is made of polymeric pre polymer, photosensitive monomer, photo initiator and auxiliary components. Photosensitive monomer and photo initiator participate in UV curing. Scientifically, UV ink with different viscosity and purity uses different photosensitive monimer and photo initiator. In some cases, curing efficiency can be improved when added these two substances or one. However, this is mainly the responsibility of UV ink manufacturer, what we can do is to purchase right ink. 
For printing materials, we can discover that ink curing process of glass printing is more difficult than the normal. It is because glass has a ability to reflect light. And other substrates, some absorb light and some can let light through.

Influence of temperature and humility on UV curing

Curing time is long at low temperature, and we all know that. If it is at a large humility and the substrate tension is small, the ink will absorb moisture content which is not conducive to ultraviolet curing.

Color effect of ink system on ultraviolet curing

The ink color will affect the UV curing efficiency, too. With the movement of color gray balance, especially the reduction of color purity, the curing process is a little difficult. The adjacent hue juxtapose is not conducive to enhance or diminish the effect of color on ink curing. Besides,  printing order of ink color will influence the UV ink curing as well. Usually the ink dried difficulty: M<Y<C<K. Therefore, the order of color printing shall be K, C, Y, M. 
In addition to the above, the print speed, the amount of ink, the UV lamp power are also the factors affect the time of UV curing, which is more common. But don’t be frightened by these, it is just to help you know more and go more smoothly print business, maybe you will not have this problem at all.
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