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TV background wall tiles printing
2016-09-02 15:19:58
In home decoration, customers want to be able to decorate interior walls with more changes and choices to be in line with home environment and decorative theme. TV background wall tiles printing has become a new part of home improvement, which is more stylish and modern. It delivers aesthetic through the assembly of 3d, relief patterns and others. 
TV background wall tiles printing effect, TV background wall decoration
Custom TV background wall contains a wide rang of fashion elements and creative design, to give people a infinite imagination. According to an authoritative survey report, 85% of respondents prefer custom furniture in the purchase of furniture.
In terms of this, YOTTA UV inkjet printers can achieve an excellent image quality onto TV background walls. The materials can be PVC, wood, ceramic, glass and so on. You can design your favorite elements and pattern and present it on background walls with a UV flatbed printer. With digital UV printers, everyone can be a designer for your own. 
TV background wall tiles printing is easy for the ink jet printing technology of UV inkjet flatbed printer. This kind of printing machines can directly multi color print on the tiles surface without any touch,  no matter the tiles are convex, smooth or muted. Before color printing, the tiles can be UV coated to improve its ink adhesion. 
Background wall printing adheres the rich color and strong decorative effect of common wallpaper. In addition to TV background wall printing, UV printer can also applied in other DIY decoration, such as partition wall printing, kitchen splashbacks printing, shower walls printing, craft printing and much more.

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