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Which is the best UV printer for phone case ?
2016-08-29 15:37:21
There are many digital inkjet printers for phone case on the market, which is the best phone case printer that delivers best phone cases printing?
If you are planning to start phone case printing shop to print personalized mobile shell, YOTTA suggests you select a small format flatbed inkjet UV printer for its small print volume at a time. It is obvious that the printing is specialized for several people or even someone, and large format printer is needless.
But if you are going to start a cell phone cases printing business for mobile phone shell vendors, factories, or companies, YOTTA thinks you should purchase a larger one. With the large format, you can produce more phone case prints at a time, which is time-saving and more productive. And you should find one with high quality and great print performance of course, though it is generally a little expensive.  
Cell phone case printer
YOTTA is manufacturer engaged in the R & D, production and sales of high quality UV printers. So far, YOTTA has successfully developed and produced a number of models of UV inkjet printers, which cover almost all of the printing industry. It includes phone cases printers, glass printers, wood printers, plastics printers and so on. For phone cases printer, YD-F2513R5 UV printer is a nice choice for its advanced features and superior performance. 
YD-F2513R5 is a new arrival launched recently, which we spent a lot of time and energy to research and produce. However, facts prove that our pay is meaningful. This delightful machine has been well received by many customers since its launch. Surely, this preference is not for no reason. 
On the component selection, YD-F2513R5 printer adopts a series of tough and durable components, some are internationally famous and some are particularly prominent in the processing, such as Ricoh Gen5 print heads and HIWIN mute double linear guide rail. With humanized operation design, this high-performing printer delivers a print resolution of 600X2400 DPI and a super-large print size of 2500X1300mm.
Besides, this UV LED flatbed printer can print on almost any materials. In addition to print cell phone cases made of plastic, leather, metal, silicone, it can also print on lots of other items and materials which can expand your business scope. Lots of our customers has witness the satisfactory result. Therefore, it is not strange that it has received a lot of praise. 
Welcome to contact us to get more details about YOTTA phone case printer. 

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