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Print personalized ceiling with UV flatbed printer
2016-08-27 15:29:38
Personalized ceiling is a very practical creative concept, with UV inkjet flatbed printer, its decorative effect is further strengthened for vibrant ideas and graphics. How we print custom ceiling with digital UV flat printer, expanding printing business to earn more?

Preparation before print personalized ceiling


Firstly, measure the size of the ceiling to be printed, and decide the ceiling patterns according to your client's requirements and the printing size. YOTTA digital UV printers can print out high quality image which is the same as the design, what your design is what your printed pattern. Besides, it supports a variety of graphical format printing, such as PSD, JPG, AI, CDR, etc.
Secondly, choose material to print. Flatbed UV inkjet printer can print on any flat materials, so you have a lot of choices to select the substrates. It can be cheap, or expensive, but surface smooth.

Exciting ceiling printing is in progress


We said that some objects needs to be UV coated. Some paint panel can be ink jet print directly without any surface treatments, but if it is aluminum, UV coating is needed by wiping or spraying to ensure the ink adhesion, thus it won't fade.
And now, the exciting printing is in progress. Put the substrate onto the platform, and you can print it now. But don't forget to process the graphics before you start printing.
After doing this, you just wait and wait until the print finish, and you can choose to deal the printed ceiling with varnish to get brighter effect.

Personalized ceiling installing


After the ceiling printing and varnish coating, the ceiling can be installed right now. The lovely ceiling has been completed with flatbed inkjet printer. It is fast, convenient, low cost and effective. It can be different effects according different graphics designs, such as 3D, relief, imitation wood, imitation and so on. 
It's easy, is not it?

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