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What is UV ink made of ?
2016-08-24 15:44:46
UV ink is a necessary part in UV printing, but working with it so long, do you know what UV ink is made of ?
What is UV ink made of ? | YOTTA
The main components of UV ink are polymeric pre polymer, photosensitive monomer, photo initiator and auxiliary components.
Polymeric prepolymer is an important constituent to decide the performance of UV coating, also the basic of UV ink to film. It plays an important role in the process of UV curing and cured film properties. It is generally classified according to the skeleton structure, which affects the coating hardness, abrasion resistance, adhesion, light resistance, chemical resistance and water resistance, etc.
Photosensitive monomer is reactive diluent. UV ink and varnish should have a proper viscosity when being coated. It typically reduces the prepolymer viscosity by adding 20%~80% of the monomers, simultaneously the monomer polymerizes itself and becomes part of the cured film.
Reactive diluent is also called cross-linking monomers, a functional monomer which is to adjust the ink viscosity, curing rate and curing film properties. When choosing the monomer, the monomer with low viscosity, good dilution effect, fast curing, strong adhesion, no skin irritation and no smell in the coating is good.
The photoinitiator is the main ingredient of UV curing system, too. It can absorb the radiation energy and produce the active intermediate which has the ability of initiator polymerization through chemical change. It is divided into hydrogen abstraction type and cracking type. The photo initiator is better to have high UV light absorption efficiency and good relative stability. 
In addition to the above, there are some auxiliaries added in UV ink to improve the ink performance. The commonly used additives include stabilizers, leveling agents, defoamers, dispersants, waxes, etc. 

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