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YOTTA: How does UV printer work
2016-08-23 18:47:54
UV printer is a new technology which is a combination of UV printing technology and ink jet printing. It directly prints UV ink onto the surfaces of any materials, and cures it by UV lamp or UV LED lamp to make the ink dry instantly and image. The answer of how does UV printer work simply includes three theories.
How doe UV printer work | YOTTA

1. Printing principle

Utilizing piezoelectric ink jet printing technology, digital UV printer does not contact with the substrate surface, but spry the ink onto the surfaces from nozzles by the internal voltage of the print head. This involves the software control program about how to precisely control hundreds of print nozzles, which is the core technology.

2. UV curing principle

It refers to how UV inks dry and solidify. It is completely different from the baking and drying process of traditional printing. UV light from UV LED light or mercury lamp responses to light coagulant in the ink to achieve the drying of UV ink. It reduces the staff costs and unnecessary devices, also improves the productivity.

3. Positioning theory

It refers how to precisely control UV printer to print patterns on the substrates with different size, height and shape. Positioning in the x-axis direction mainly relies on grating decoder to command device print horizontally; positioning in the Y axis direction relies on the servo motor driving; Positioning in the Z axis direction relies on the lifting function of nose. With these three principles, UV printer achieves precise positioning printing.
This is a simple introduction of how a UV printer works. Besides, it also involves the detailed knowledge such as ink supply system, electrical system and vacuum adsorption system. If you need more info, YOTTA is pleased to help you. 

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