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Detections of Printer Components
2015-06-11 16:38:45

Malfunctions and small errors are not rare during our operations of a flatbed UV LED printer. Are there any simple and easy methods to detect and repair them? The answer is certainly positive. Here YOTTA lists some ideas about this problem:


1. Cleaning system of UV print head

Under normal circumstances, at first, the print head is placed to the cleaning spot with the carriage, and the ink adsorption structure of cleaning system cleans the print head. After the print head is cleaned, a rubber parts are used to seal the print head. Errors during this part may be caused by the following factors:

1) The motor driver of carriage has some problems. Before starting the prints, the carriage goes back to the initial position and the cleaning process starts. We should check and repair the motor driver first.

2) Find out whether the main control circuit board works well.

3) Change the damaged or aged small components of cleaning system.


2. Check and repair the ink cartridges of the flatbed UV LED printer.

When inks cannot be ejected or the prints become vague, then the environmental temperature of ink cartridges might be a little high. Or maybe you have mixed different types of inks together. The solution is to clean the ink cartridges and refill the new inks.

Remember the ink cartridges should not be directly exposed to the sunlight or dusts, the ambient temperature should be kept between 10℃to 35℃.


3. Interface circuit of the printer

Once the interface circuit of the flatbed UV LED printer doesn't work normally, the assigned and demanded print results will not be delivered successfully, and incorrect characters or images may appear.

We can detect this with an IC tester since the circuit of interfaces belongs to the digital circuit. To solve this problem, we can replace a new interface chip into the printer.



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