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UV Printer for Leather Product
2015-06-02 16:37:53

Leather is a nonperishable and durable skin of an animal with the hair removed and prepared by tanning. The surface of it has a special grain layer which seems natural and shiny, and it feels comfortable when we touching it. Therefore, the applications of leather varied from clothing (e.g. shoes, hats, jackets, trousers and belts), suitcases to leather wallpaper, furniture and musical instruments. In the world of today, people demand the leather products to be personalized, fashionable and aesthetic, which can no longer be met by conventional products. How do the leather products keep their pace with the development of society and people's ever-changing specific requirements?

In the leather product market, there are ascending calls for on-demand production, high precision and ecological friendly leather printing products. The UV printer for leather product is the best choice when printing onto leather products since it eliminates the complex procedures of conventional printing methods and perfectly delivers detailed and personalized images onto the products. With its superiorities in simple operations, satisfying efficiency, pollutant-free, low costs and considerable return and many more, UV printer has brought unprecedented opportunities to the industry and the investors.

YOTTA UV printer for leather product is the more practical machines in current leather printing industry. It is high-tech equipment which produces high density images onto most substrates. Compared with conventional screen printing technology, UV inkjet printer meets the demands of mass productions or on-demand productions with exceptional print results and notably enhances its market competitiveness.


UV printing on leather bag



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