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Phone Cases With Embossed Finish
2015-06-01 17:42:47

With the increasing development of electronic products, almost everyone has his or her mobile phon, which has promoted the rising demands of cell phone cases. The cell phone cases with embossed finish are especially popular for those who pursue for personalization. How to get embossed finish? Are the procedures very complex? Actually, what you need is just a UV phone case printer.

As we all know, a fine craft needs many meticulous elements, such as coloring, carving, sandblasting, varnishing and so on. It is the same with the conventional production of phone cases with embossed finish. Products with embossed finish have clear three-dimensional effect and are eye-catching. Now, a digital UV phone case printing machine can deliver outstanding phone cases with embossed finishes with simple procedures.

The embossed finish of phone cases is created by the accumulation of white ink, which is mainly made by phthalocyanine white particles. The phthalocyanine white particles are capable of creating embossed finish because the particles are relatively large. When a UV printer is printing phone cases with embossed finishes, it ejects a layer of white inks first, after the white inks are accumulated to a certain thickness, another layer of color inks will be carried out and the whole printing process is completed.

With an UV phone case printer, the embossed finish can be achieved easily, and it remarkably saves production costs since it reduces many steps of conventional production. Please note that the proficiency and technical level of the operators also have great impacts on the print results.


UV cell phone case printing with embossed effect


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