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Solutions of "Non-response"
2015-05-26 16:48:05

Regular maintenance and good operation habits of a flatbed UV inkjet printer are beneficial for the running of machine in a long-term. Some careless operations may create negative effects to print results or the printer. We both know some operating errors lead to non-response of printer, and what are the reasons of this phenomenon? How to solve it?

1. First check whether the flatbed UV printing machine has been connected to the computer or not. If not, connect it with computer after the power is turned on.

2. Maybe the printer has been set as pause print; in this case, no matter how we send commands to the printer, it will not conduct its working. We should cancel this setting in the operation system of the printing software.

3. Check whether the computer has set the machine as default printer, since our command of "print" means printing by a default printer. If not, the print content cannot be transformed to flatbed UV inkjet printer and it certainly will not make any response. So just correctly set the default printer.

4. If the printer doesn't work after we correctly set the default printer, then the set of printer ports during production process might be inappropriate. Then set the suitable printer ports for the flatbed UV printine machine please.

5. Provided all the points mentioned above still cannot solve the problem, we should presume the print contents are wrong, which is the main reason of this "non-response" situation. We can detect whether contents of the flatbed UV inkjet printer are right or not by printing them with some other programs.



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