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Is This a Qualified Printer or Not?
2015-05-28 16:51:40

The expanding applications of UV flatbed inkjet printer bring increasing clients as well as manufactures. However, some of the manufacturers are not capable of dependent researching and producing, they can just change the machines of other factories and these machines show a variety of problems after customers have used them for a short period. Therefore, it is necessary to learn more about UV flatbed inkjet printers and grasp some methods to test them and to find out whether the printers are qualified or not.

With many years of research and production and extensive feedbacks from the clients, YOTTA has summed up the following methods to detect the printer quality:

1. Repeat printing thin lines onto media with the printer for 5 times or 8 times, if there is no bent or missing of the lines, then the printer is a good one.

2. Print a rectangle which equals to 1/2 or 2/3 of the printer's table, then measure the diagonals of this rectangle to check whether the diagonals are overlapping or not. Non-overlapping of the digital UV inkjet printer means the stability of printer is pretty good and it has the ability of mass production.

3. Find out whether the actual printing area covers the whole platform of printer. Any deviation of this represents the stability of printer is not good enough. The greater the deviation is, the worse the performances are.

YOTTA is a professional manufacturer who offers the unrivalled flatbed UV inkjet printers with outstanding, reliable product performance and the industry's most comprehensive service and support. A powerful technical team composed of talents with rich experiences and profound knowledge ensures high performance and advanced machines!


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