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3.2 meter hybrid UV LED printer for high speed industrial printing
2017-03-02 17:35:51

In 2017, YOTTA introduces YD-H3200KJ hybrid UV LED printer with 3.2 meter print width, which is equipped with 3-8pcs industrial Kyocera KJ4A inkjet print heads, delivering faster and superior printing results on a variety of materials. It can be applied in rigid and flexible materials, such as wood boards, metal sheets, aluminum plates, plastic film, PVC, glass, flex banner, wallpaper and so on. 

High speed hybrid UV LED printer | YD-H3200KJ | YOTTA

Print head is the most important part of a digital UV printing equipment. Especially for a industrial printer, it usually determines most of the performance of a printer, so I would like to introduce the print head of this 3.2 meter machine firstly.

Kyocera KJ4A is a high-speed industrial print head with high print resolution up to 635×2400dpi, fully meeting the needs of different printing fields. With 30KHZ ignition frequency, it can print 40,000 ink droplets with single nozzle per second, and overall one print head can print over 1 billion droplets per second. So, it is absolutely not strange that it has such a fast speed to print 100m²(4 Pass) per hour. Besides, Kyocera KJ4A has a large print width of 112.35mm, so it is especially suitable for large format and roll medias printing.
And now we know that YD-H3200KJ is a high-speed and high-resolution industrial hybrid printer, how we keep its stable, accurate, easy and efficient operation?
For stable and accurate printing, what more obvious is that we employ metal-made grating ruler and integrated steel frame structure, and there is constant tension control function and automatic rectify deviation system for roll media printing, automatic media positioning device for flat substrate printing, and so on. In addition, this printer is featured double negative pressure system to control color inks and white ink separately, so as to keep stable ink printing.
For easy and efficient operation, we have anti-collision device, media thickness measurement function, user-friendly RIP software and many other functional designs. In addition, Our digital printers all employ water-cooling LED-UV lamp for fast ink curing, also suitable for heat-sensitive materials printing. 
Anyhow, compared with other digital UV printers at the same price on the market, The YD-H3200KJ hybird UV LED printer has the leading print capability of fine prints production with higher speed and excellent performance, makeing it very suitable for large format industrial printing. It is a product that will not let you down!

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