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UV printer application in custom curtain printing
2017-03-28 17:41:22

As the continuous development of digital printing technology, the applications of digital UV printers are expanded at the same time. From plastic sheets, glass doors, metal boards, leather sheets to ceramic tiles, advertising materials, fabric, it has been applied in almost all aspects of life. In home decoration, its role is more and more prominent, custom pillow prints, sofa cloths, partition walls, TV background walls and so on. And here what I want to talk about is custom curtain printing.

 Custom curtain printed by YOTTA UV printers
It is not very correct to divide curtain into the category of home decoration only. In addition to decorate home, curtains can be used in many offices, too. According to the functions and materials, curtains can be divided into many kinds, however, this do not baffle it. Because UV printer is a universal printing equipment that suitable for almost all kinds of materials. No matter bamboo curtain, blinds, cloth curtain, It can direct print onto them with stunning effect. 
 UV printer application in custom curtain printing - YOTTA
Because of the process, the early curtains is almost all in the same keys, the decorative patterns is very sample, or even do not have a decorative pattern, such as blinds. Meanwhile, the printing price is very high. But now, with UV printer for curtain, colorful and bright patterns can be printed with lower price, and you can decorate your home and office with your taste. Due to no quantity limitations and requirements, custom items print is popular printed by digital printing machine. 
Have to say that the appearance of UV inkjet printer has changed our life a lot, it makes printing to a more free direction, and more close to our preferences. It is no wonder it will be so hot today.
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