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Can UV Flatbed Printers Make Money?
2017-03-31 16:59:25

Can UV flatbed printer help me to make money? This maybe the first question that many end customers will ask when considering a flatbed printer. Before finding out the answer, we should know what UV flatbed printer can do first.

 UV flatbed printer working - YOTTA UV printer
What can UV flatbed printers do?
About this, I have to admit that it is powerful, because it can be used for almost all items, flat surface better.
When UV flatbed printer had just appeared, it used mercury lamp for ink curing which produced a lot of heat during printing, and it was easy to damage the surface of heat-deform and heat-sensitive substrates, such as electronic products. But now, after the introduction of UV ink, it adopts UV LED lamp for ink curing which doesn’t produce excessive heat. Therefore, UV flatbed printer is also suitable for heat-deform and heat-sensitive materials now. It can print onto glass, ceramic tiles, wood boards, metal sheets, plastic, PVC and more, and can be applied in home decoration, building materials, advertising materials and many other industries.
 UV flatbed printing on weight scale - what can UV flatbed printers do
Can UV flatbed printers make money?
Many new products and new business opportunities are emerging every day, and the market demand is fundamental. As long as there is market demand, you can make money. 
Although digital UV printing technology has been developed many years, but the entire printing market is still a long way. As far as I know, there are lots of industries are hot, such as cell phone case printing, and some industries are slowly rising, such as fine art printing, custom carpet printing. After confirming the market and buying the machine, how to stand out among the competitors, is the key to making money.

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