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YOTTA UV Printer Advantages: Structure Part
2017-04-11 17:40:22

As a professional manufacturer of digital UV printers with eight years of R&D experience, YOTTA attaches great importance to the alignment fit between printer structure and components during the developing process of UV printers. And what I want to introduce today is about the structure of our printers, via which you can find the difference between YOTTA’s machines and other machines on the market .

 YOTTA UV printer structure
1. Equipped with emergency backup power, when the host suddenly power failure, it can still maintain the normal working of negative pressure system, so as to quickly into the working state when electricity comes. (For some models, we cancel the use of backup power, but we employ big chamber for negative pressure system to maintain the normal working of negative for some time when the host suddenly power failure);
2.Use double negative pressure system to control the negative pressure of white ink and color inks, so as to better guarantee print fluency. This double negative system is independent and doesn’t affect the stability of each other. With long service life, there are anti-backflow sensors, and negative pressure buffer cavities to ensure the negative pressure stability, ensuring no ink drop. 
3.Use grinding grade precision screw with high repeat positioning accuracy on Y-axis, silent rails on X-axis which will not produce big noise during the printing process.
4. Use blowing and suction auxiliary system for printer platform. It can help easily load or unload large format heavy substrates and prints. 
5. The equipment is equipped with multiple emergency brake switch to ensure personal and equipment safety.
6. Adopt gray-scale industrial print heads with variable ink droplet printing technology which can save ink up to 30% - 50%. For example, Ricoh G5 print head print deep color with 21pl and print light color with 7pl. That is, gray level printing adapts the printed color changes by adjusting the size of ink droplet, while ordinary printing adapts the printed image color changes by adding ink resulting in a greater use of ink.
7. User-friendly anti-collision function of the print car, to better protect the printer and nozzle.
The circuit system design of YOTTA digital UV printer is more concise, scientific and clear, and it delay the aging time of the wires and extend the life of the machine. Each machine had a complete file and serial number for being followed up. After production, there will be 72 hours of continuous printing test, and we will accurately record test results. The machine will be included in the warehouse only after passing the quality inspection. Therefore, each machine have been tested rigorously before delivery to you, ensuring that you have a better experience.
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