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5 Reasons to Choose Ricoh Head UV Flatbed Printer
2017-04-28 17:43:49
In today’s market, the competition between UV flatbed printer heads is become more and more fierce. For their performance, many people have different views, anyhow, the fact is that the choice of UV printing head should be targeted. Ricoh head is positioned as a high-end brand in UV flatbed printers, what are the advantages of Ricoh head UV flatbed printers?
Ricoh head for UV flatbed printer

1.Ricoh UV printing head is more durable

A Ricoh print head is made of stainless steel nozzles. It is not easy to be corroded and plug. It cleans the nozzle with piston method when automatically clean the nozzle, which will not damage the nozzles. The head and cables are integrated, therefore, there will be no cable loose problem. Ricoh head can be divided into single/double row ink jetting, ink control is very good, therefore, variable single and double row printing of Ricoh head UV printer can also print quickly.

2.High print resolution

Ricoh print head is a gray-scale piezoelectric nozzle, featured variable ink droplet printing. The position of Ricoh head flatbed printer car use fixed linear grating, ensuring high-precision printing position.

3.Ricoh head UV flatbed printer is more efficient

Ricoh printing head use intelligent blank-area skipping printing on X-axis and Y-axis, can automatically recognize and skip over the blank area. Ricoh head UV printer support printing multi image copies and printing partial area. What’s more, it can resume printing if the user stops the print job or out of print process due to an error, greatly improving production efficiency.

4.YOTTA’s Ricoh head UV printer has automatic measurement function

With media thickness automatic measurement function and print height control system, it can adapt to various media with different thickness, to avoid damage caused by human error. 

5.Ink-saving and environmental protection

YOTTA Ricoh head printers use environmentally friendly UV curing ink without VOC (volatile organic compounds) that is environmental protection. With variable ink droplet printing, it can save 30%-50% UV printing ink. It adapts the images color depth changes by adjusting the size of ink droplet, so as to reduce the use of ink, while ordinary printing is by adding light-colored ink to adapt the image color depth changes.
By now, the Ricoh head UV flatbed printer models of YOTTA mainly have: YD-F2513R4, YD-F2513R5, YD-F3216R5, YD-1510R4 and YOTTA’s Ricoh head hybrid UV printers include YD-H3200R5, YD-H2600R5, YD-H5000R5. Contact us or leave your message for more information.

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