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Flex banner printed by digital hybrid UV LED flatbed printer
2017-02-23 17:34:00

Flex banner has been widely used for advertising, shop signs and many other fields, and it is very suitable for large format outdoor advertising. 

With the continuous development of digital UV printing technology, the print resolution of UV printer is also arising, and can be used for print high-definition pictures. Compared with solvent printer, UV LED printer is more affordable and also can achieve a outstanding quality of flex banner. And now the digital hybrid UV printer becomes very popular for flex banner printing. 
 Large format flex banner printing machine
Flex banner printed by YOTTA hybrid UV printer
About YOTTA hybrid UV LED flatbed printer
    1. Flatbed printing function and roll to roll printing function, can print flat media and roll media with one equipment.
    2. Efficient UV LED curing system to fast cure inks.
    3. Environmental-friendly UV inks, standard 6 colors printing, delivering color-rich results. Plus white ink printing, a lots of special printing effects can be printed, ideal for creative prints production.
    4 .Large print area. Our hybrid printers have the maximum print sizes of 2600mm and 3200mm(width).
    5. High print resolution, we have 600×2400dpi Rioch head series hybrid printer and Kyocera head series printer of 635×2400dpi, fully meet the needs of a variety of printing production.
 Digital hybrid UV LED flatbed printer | YOTTA
Besides, the processes of flex banner printing with hybrid UV LED printer are extremely simple, and there are many user-friendly functions to help the operation. 

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