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YD-H5000KJ Ultra Wide Format UV Hybrid Printer

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Product Abstract:

5.0M ultra large print width, adopting high-end industrial Kyocera heads, YD-H5000KJ UV hybrid printer can print in three speed print modes. Its print resolution is up to 635×2400dpi.

Product Description

The YOTTA YD-H5000KJ deliver unparalleled outstanding UV printing with 5.0M super large print width. It adopts Kyocera industrial inkjet printheads, able to create exquisite prints in fast speed and high print resolution. Plus CMYK, Lc, Lm, and white ink printing capability, it is ideal for indoor and outdoor advertising, vehicle graphics, wallpaper, etc. As an hybrid flatbed and roll to roll machine, it is also suitable for producing large format rigid materials.



Applicable materials


Rigid materials: glass. ceramic tile, metal, wood, plastic, acrylic, KT, PVC sheet, melamine board etc.

Flexible materials: vinyl, canvas, PVC film, leather, etc.



Features of YD-H5000KJ UV Hybrid


A.  High print resolution of up to 635×2400dpi, allowing you to create amazing prints.

B.  Fast print speed, meeting fast production requirement.

C.  5.0M ultra large print width, more flexible in terms of the material size, can print 2 volumes materials of 2.5M width, therefore accelerate production.

D.  Flatbed printing and roll to roll printing function, suitable for rigid and flexible materials, users can grab more business opportunities with YOTTA YD-H5000KJ.

E.  Adopting 3-8pcs Kyocera grey level micro piezo inkjet print heads with internal heating function to keep the constancy of ink viscosity.

F.  Print CMYK, Lc, Lm, white ink, able to create exquisite 3D, embossed special effect.

G.  Blank area skipping function, improve printing efficiency.

H.  Ultra high-precision metal scale, deliver more accurate printing.

I.  Secondary ink carriage negative pressure system to separately control the negative value of color ink and white ink, achieve more smooth ink supply and printing.

J.  Constant tension control system designed for roll to toll printing.

K.  Automatic rectify deviation system to ensure the printing accuracy.

L.  Automatic material thickness measurement function, precise, time-saving and labor saving

M.  Digital inkjet to surface printing technology, no plate making, easy to use.

N.  Effective and energy-saving UV-LED ink curing.







Printer model


Print width

5000mm (16ft)

Print head

High-end Kyocera KJ4A grey level inkjet printhead

Print resolution

635 × 2400 dpi

Print speed mode (double row)

High speed mode; Normal mode; High resolution mode;

Printhead quantity

2-8pcs (4-7 colors optional)

Ink color

C, M, Y, K, Lc, Lm, White ink (optional)

Ink type

Eco-friendly UV curing ink (NO VOC)

Material thickness

Up tp 50mm (2in)

Material type

Rigid and flexible flat materials, flexible  roll to roll material



Input format

Adobe Postscript Level 3, PDF, JPEG, TIFF, EPS, AI

Power requirement

220V/AC(±10%), 50/60HZ; 8.5KW (38A)

Printer weight


Printer size

8600mm[L] × 2300mm[W] ×1900mm[H] (28.2ft × 7.6ft × 6.3ft)

Package size

8720mm[L] × 2450mm[W] ×2000mm[H] (28.6ft × 8ft × 6.6ft)

Working environment

Separate,little sunlight,ventilated workshop. Temperature: 18℃~30℃(64℉~86℉)   

Humidity: 30%~70%(Non-condensing)  

Ventilation equipment:Suggest Overhead exhaust fan,displacement 600 cfm

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