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3.2m hybrid UV printer with Ricoh GEN6

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  • 3.2m hybrid UV printer with Ricoh GEN6

Product Abstract:

Adopting grey level Ricoh Gen6 print head, and high resolution of 600X2400 dpi. It is a large printer ideal for banner, vinyl sticker, wallpaper, etc.

Product Description


3.2m hybrid UV printer with Ricoh GEN6

YOTTA's YD-H3200R6 is a hybrid large format printer adopting imported original grey level Ricoh Gen6 internal heating industrial printhead, the number of printhead can be increased or decreased according to your requirements, meeting the demands of large quantities production capacity. It is specially designed for high-speed and large format UV printing of medium and small size processing enterprises, such as vinyl, sticker, flex banner, canvas, wallpaper and so on, meeting their high precision and high speed production requirements.






With YD-H3200R6 Hybrid printer, you can print


Rigid materials: glass, acrylic, leather, wood, metal plate, pvc board, waved plate, corrugated sheet, reflective film etc.
Flexible materials: canvas, vinyl, sticker, banner, wallpaper etc.

Features of YD-H3200R6 Hybrid UV printer

1. Adopting Ricoh Gen6 print head

Ricoh Gen5 print head has higher print speed and performance with its internal heating function compared to other types of printheads. It is durable and suitable for all kinds of ink. Its variable drop printing(5pl-15pl) delivers more delicate and higher resolution print results.

2. Printing on roll and rigid media

This printing machine has two printing function: rolling printing and flat bed printing. In addition to printing roll-to-roll, you can also print rigid materials with the ultra large size of maximum 3200mm as normal flatbed printer do. 


3.Anti-collision function

The cartridge stop working automatically when it collides with medias, protect the cartridge and printheads from damage.


4. UV LED lamps for UV curing

YOTTA UV printers employ UV LED lamps for UV curing, which is power-saving and efficient.  No heat produced, it has a huge advantages on printing  thermal sensitive substrate. Besides, UV LED lamps is long-life and zero-pollution. 


5. 4-8 color printing

YD-H3200R6 hybrid printer allows 4-8 color printing, including CMYK, Lc, Lm,white ink and varnish, with which can produce special image effects such as relief and 3D, to get your unique prints.


6. Automatic materials thickness measurement

Automatically measure the thickness of substrates, precise, time-saving and labor saving.

7. Negative pressure system for ink supply

YOTTA printers use negative pressure system to make ink supply smoother and get more vivid images. With pressure display, the pressure is easy to be seen and adjusted.


8. ECO-friendly Technology

No VOC UV curable ink and no pollution UV LED lamps are used.





Technical data of YD-H3200R6


Print width 3200mm
Print head GEN6
Print resolution 600*2400 DPI
Print speed 4Pass,35M2/h       6Pass,28M2/h       8Pass,22M2/h 

Print mode

unidirectional and bidirectional
Ink color C/M/Y/K/W/Lc/Lm/V
Ink type UV ink (Eco-Friendly)
Number of heads 2-8 pcs
Material thickness 0-50MM
Material type Rigid and flexible material
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