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YOTTA: Hot selling UV printers
2016-08-17 15:13:31
These days, YOTTA continues to maintain a good sales, and the hot selling UV printers are mainly as follows:

1、 YD-F1510R4 UV inkjet flatbed printer

YD-F1510R4 has been welcomed by many customers since its launch for its lower price. Adopting Ricoh Gen4 industrial print head, this lovely UV printing device has a high quality and excellent print performance in printing a vast vary of flat materials, including rigid and flexible materials. It delivers color bright patterns on the substrates whose size is within 1500*1000 mm and thickness is less than 100 mm. In this view, it seems it not a large format printer we often say, but it still suitable for lots of industries, such as plastic cards printing, leather bag printing, cell phone case printing, ceramic tiles printing. Its relatively small print size does not limit its application but bring the more affordable price. And this is the main factor that YD-F1510R4 is so popular.

2、YD-F3216R5 large format UV flatbed printer

As a large format printer in YOTTA, YD-F3216R5 printer's maximum print size is 3200*1600 mm. Adopting Ricoh Gen5 grey scale print head, it is designed for small and medium processing enterprise, which ultra high print resolution and speed are considered. And this printing machine can deliver a resolution of 600*1200dpi. It is no doubt that it can print on rigid and flexible objects as well. It also has 3D, embossed and other special printing effect when printing with white ink and varnish. If your business is for ceramic wall or large format glass printing, for example glass sliding door, I strongly recommend this machine to you.

3、YD-H2600R5 UV hybrid printer

YD-H2600R5 printer is a combination of flatbed printer and roll-to-roll printer, which is named by its maximum print size–2600mm. As its type–hybrid printer indicates, in addition to print on sheet materials, it can also print on coiled materials, which is specifically designed for advertising printing. You can apply it in outdoor advertising, indoor advertising, car body stick, and so on, but with a print thickness with 50mm. Therefore,it equivalent to having two printers at the same time, and the customers can free to expand their business scope for a higher profits and faster cost recovery.
The above are the hot selling UV printers of YOTTA, besides, we have many other models of UV inkjet printers which is high quality and cost-effective for sale. Welcome your consultation.

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