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YD-H2600R5 Hybrid UV Printer

  • YD-H2600R5 Hybrid UV Printer
  • YD-H3200R5 hybrid UV printer
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Product Abstract:

YD-H2600R5 Hybrid Flatbed Printer adopts imported original grey level Ricoh G5 internal heating industrial inkjet printhead, the print speed can up to 36㎡/h (4 PASS).

Product Description


YD-H2600R5 Hybrid UV Flatbed Printer


YD-H2600R5 hybrid UV printer


YD-H2600R5 hybrid flatbed inkjet printer adopts imported original grey level Ricoh G5 internal heating industrial printing head,the number of printhead can be increased or decreased according to your requirements, the print speed can up to 36㎡/h (4 PASS), can meet the demands of large quantities production capacity. YD-H2600R5 is a high-speed and high-precision roll-to-toll & flatbed printing machine for medium and small size processing enterprises and can meet their high precision and high speed production requirements.





Advanced features of YD-H2600R5 UV printer


1. Ricoh Gen5 industrial internal heating inkjet print head

YD-H2600R5 hybrid flatbed printer adopts Ricoh Gen5, delivering variable drop printing(7pl-35pl), high resolution and high speed printing. The print heads has a long service life with high performance, suitable for long-time working.

Ricoh Gen5 print head


2.  One machine, two print functions

YD-H2600R5 has the main roller printing function and the secondary flatbed printing function. It delivers high quality print results to flexible and rigid materials.


cartridge of YD2600-RC hybrid printer

3. Anti-collision technology

This digital uv printer can stop working automatically when collides with the media, so as to protect the car and print head.


4. Blank skipping printing 

The YD-H2600R5 printer can automatically recognize the blank part of the picture and skip it when printing, increasing productivity effectively.


5. UV LED curing technology

YOTTA's UV hybrid printers employ UV LED curing technology which is more energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and fast UV cured. It has long life and can print onto heat sensitive substrates.


6. Direct-to-substrate multi color printing onto thick media

Color bright images can be printed on the medias of thickness within 50mm directly with YD-H2600R5 hybrid flatbed UV printer. In addition to CMYK, Lc, Lm optional, UV white ink is allowed.


7. HIWAN Double Linear Guide Rail

YD-H2600R5 printer employs HiWAN mute double linear guide rail which is low-noise and durable, no shaking or ink spraying during printing.





Specifications of YD-H2600R5 hybrid flatbed printer


Printer model


Print head


Number of nozzles

 3-12 pcs

 Print resolution


 Print width

 2.6 m

 Print materials

 Rigid and Flexible materials; roller & flatbed materials.

Print thickness

 50 mm

 Ink type

 Eco UV curing ink(No VOC)


 Print speed






 single row36 ㎡/h;double  row 72㎡/h


 single row27 ㎡/h;double row 54㎡/h


 single row20㎡/h;double row 40㎡/h

 Ink color


 Special ink

 UV White ink

Input format


  Adobe Postscript Level 3、PDF、 JPEG、TIFF、EPS、AI

 Printer weight


 Printer dimensions

 5.2m[L] × 1.7m[W] x 1.6m [H]


8.5 KW (38A)

  Working environment

 Separate, little sunlight, ventilated workshop Temperature:18℃~30℃(64℉~86℉) Humidity: 30%~70% (Non-condensing) Ventilation equipment : Suggest Overhead exhaust fan, displacement 600 cfm


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