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New digital flatbed UV printer launched
2016-07-27 16:22:48
Yotta has just launched a new digital UV flatbed inkjet printer, YD-F2513R5, which has admirable quality and performance.
YD-F2513R5 UV digital flatbed inkjet printer is a upgrade machine based on YD2513-RA flatbed printer. It has a higher print precision and print speed of 600*2400dpi and 38m²/h(4PASS), which can achieve users' high-precision and productivity needs. And now it is on sale.
In addition to the improvement of printing performance, the design is better. It looks more mature and nicer. It is equipped drawer type ink barrel unit, which is convenient for ink exchange and ink system maintenance. Adopting internal heating Ricoh Gen5 print heads, its' printing performance is more stable and the prints are color bright. As we know, the Ricoh print head is the industrial print head, and the lifetime time of it is very long, which can save a lot of costs of exchange of print head, it can be used about 5 yeads under good maintenance.
The printing machine supports 7 colors printing, with white ink or varnish printing, it can print 3D, embossed and other special effects. Plus the high printing precision, it is very suitable for outdoor advertising, personalized printing and other industries.
The followings are the proofing samples of YD-F2513R5 UV flatbed printer, welcome your visiting our factory or contact us to see the details if you are interested.
UV print on leather with brilliant color
Decorative printing

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