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White ink printing in UV flatbed printing
2016-10-07 16:34:01

We know that digital UV flatbed printer can print CMYK, the standard colors used in printing. And it can produce white by mixing CMYK with certain proportion, however, we mainly use this to print white lines in the pattern.

Another way to print out white color is to use white ink specially, but the price is generally higher  than general ink.  

Phone case relief effect printing with white ink

When we need to use white printing?

1. The color of pattern is black or dark, and we need white to be a background, so as to show the pattern color better.

2. The pattern required relief or other stereo effect needs white ink printing. For example, 3D effect patterns of mobile phone case printing, relief effect printing of background wall tiles printing.

3. The pattern color contains white, it needs to drive by blended CMYK, so as to achieve the printing quality.


What is the role of white ink printing?

1. White produced by mixing CMYK, is mainly in order to enrich the color of the pattern, to achieve a better printing effect.

2. White ink printing is to meet the pursuit of 3D artistic sense, such as embossed effect, which is also the most attractive place of UV flatbed printers applications. While traditional printing can only cover a pattern layer on the surface, but can’t achieve the visual 3D effect or tactile relief effect. Also because of this, UV flatbed ink jet printers is popular.

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