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How custom packaging increases customer loyalty
2016-09-28 16:29:15

Packaging relates to product appearance, which is the first impression of customers on the product. Therefore, packaging plays a very important role in consumer purchasing decisions. With special spot colors, striking text and artistic metallic colors, it will creates a relationship between the brand and consumers. “The attraction of packaging determines the attractiveness of product. With its impressive packaging, it allows branded products to induce customers to change their shopping habits at the point of sale,” said Superbrands founder Marccl Knobil. So, how to enhance the attractiveness of packaging is very important for the brand, and therefore some innovative technology has emerged.


1. Packaging color consistency

For brands, maintaining a stable and unified brand image is very important, especially the color consistency of packaging, but it is also been the great challenge the brand facing. Because in the packaging production process, as a result of different substrates, inks, printing equipments and printing process that different packaging suppliers use, it will inevitably lead to color difference. The best way for brands to deal with this is that all participants in the packaging supply chain(from design to production to delivery) communicate with each other through an open, web-based color management system. Web-based color management system can ensure accurate reproduction of the packaging color, so as to ensure the authenticity of the brand and packaging color consistency.


2. Efficient printing methods

Using intelligent production technology can make a lot of contribution to reduce costs and improve efficiency for the brand. For example, using high-resolution UV flatbed printing technology, it can work with CMYK+W without affecting the final effect.

“With a small amount of color can reduce the consumption of inks, which also meet the industry standard requirements. In the past 10 to 15 years, a number of multinational groups such as Unilever, P&G, etc., has been involved in the fine-tuning of this solution, which makes some small brands to gradually realize the cost advantage of providing best color control.”, said the British Ultimate Packaging company sales director. At present, this solution has been widely used in flexible packaging and corrugated box packaging.

In addition, the speed of printing machine and the stability of the substrate are also the key factors affecting the packaging production efficiency and production quality.


3. The use of digital printing

With the growing demand of consumer market for personalization, brands have introduced personalized packaging to cater to the market, enhance the shelf appeal of the product. And the best way to achieve personalized packaging is digital printing. In addition to bring differentiated product packaging, digital printing also can achieve multiple species and small quantities of packaging for brands to reduce inventory, or even combine with the marketing strategy to enhance the brand’s influence. For example, Coca-Cola the past two years has introduced nickname bottles, lines bottle, lyrics bottle, which is sought by the young consumers.

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