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Is UV printing technology worth using?
2016-09-24 16:27:25
UV printing is a printing process that dry and cure ink by ultraviolet radiation, it needs the ink contained photosensitizers that can complete the curing of the ink. UV ink has been applied in offset printing, screen printing, inkjet printing, transfer printing and so on. But what good will it do us to use UV inkjet printing? Is UV printing technology worth using? As a UV printer maunfacturer engages in R&D of digital UV printing machines,  YOTTA is going to tell you something about this.
UV flatbed printing machine, UV printing technology

1. UV printing helps to improve product performance

UV printing has good adaptability to most substrates. It also has high conformance. The product color is bright and smooth-transition. Besides, UV curing is a photochemical reaction process, It has strong adhesion, durability, water resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, wear resistance, aging resistance and so on, no matter for UV curable ink or varnish.

2. UV printing increases production efficiency and economic benefits

UV printing employs light curing for ink drying, no heat resource, solvent free and short curing time, greatly improve the production efficiency. It is very conducive to the development of high-speed printing, which means that you can reduce finished goods warehousing costs and financial pressure. At the same time, due to the low energy consumption of UV curing, the operating cost is also greatly reduced.

3. UV printing technology is in line with environmental requirements

The entire curing system of digital UV printing is solvent-free, that is, solvent-free formula and no VOC, which precisely adapted to today's environmental requirements. This is another important feature of ultraviolet curing. The solid content of UV ink cured id close to all, almost no VOC, i.e. will not cause pollution.

4.Strong adhesion

UV ink layer cured has high abrasion resistance and chemical resistance. Many coated paper prints direct mailed can withstand repeated folding and intense laser radiation again. Therefore, UV inks can used in packaging printing that requires good wear resistance.

5. Fast curing

UV ink only can dry when irradiated with ultraviolet light, it can keep its performance stable even it is stored in the ink fountain for a long time. Once irradiated by UV light, it will instantly dry, generally only 1/10 sec before it completely dry on the substrate surface. The delivery time with UV printing technology is short. It greatly improves printing productivity.  

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