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Print varnish with UV flatbed printer is not recommended
2016-09-21 16:22:12
Varnishing is a common postpress process in UV printing, which is to achieve highlight results, prolong the lifetime of pattern printed and keep it gorgeous. Most UV flatbed printers on the market allow to print varnish, however, it is not recommended in practical application, especially for Espon print heads.
Inkjet print varnish with UV flatbed printer is not recommended
First, varnish with digital UV inkjet flatbed printer will shorted the service life of the nozzle, or even damage it. It is easy to cause nozzle clogging if use UV printing machine to varnish because the varnish  particles are larger than UV inks. Usually, it will shorted the 1/3 lift of the nozzle, or even scrap it in a few days under wrong operation.
Second, it is expensive. If you want to varnish with digital UV printer, you need to add another print head special for printing varnish. Usually, print head is the most expensive component of a UV inkjet printer. Besides, you need to spent some money on the maintenance of this print head, too. So, as you see, it will cost a lot.
Third, it prints more slowly. The diameter of printing nozzles, especially Espon print heads, is small, while the varnish particles is bigger, leading uneven varnish spray and lower print speed. Besides, it also wastes varnish, increasing the production cost.
Therefore, if your print business requires varnish coating, it is better to use ancillary equipment to do it which is more economical. At the same time achieving your standard, saving your time and money.

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