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Still finding a UV flatbed printer for glass?
2016-10-10 16:14:11
Are you still finding a UV flatbed inkjet printer for your glass printing business, or glass printing machine?
As we know, digital UV inkjet flatbed printer can directly print on a wide rang of materials, including glass, without question. There are so many glass printing machines on the market, which one is your worth choice.
YOTTA YD-F2513R5 Ricoh Gen5 flatbed UV printer is a high-quality printing machine that designed for high-end products printing, so, it is very suitable for digital glass printing. Ricoh Gen5 printhead is a professional industrial print head with internal heating system. With the advanced feature of variable ink droplet printing(7pl-35pl), Ricoh Gen5 delivers richer colors patterns. It has a high print resolution of 600×2400dpi and high printing speed, can print 2pt font clearly. Besides, Ricoh printhead can be used for a long time, even can up to 5 years under good maintenance.
YD-F2513R5 UV flatbed glass printing machine
YD-F2513R5 flatbed glass printing machine applies new upgraded drawer type ink barrel unit, which greatly facilitates ink exchange and ink system maintenance. Employing UV LED lamp for UV curing system, it can fast dry UV curable ink and varnish in a short time, efficient and energy-saving at the same time. For ink supply system, this flat printer equipped negative pressure system, which is conducive to smooth ink supply. The pressure can be checked and adjusted according to the pressure display instrument in the printer, so as to adapt to temperature changes.
YOTTA UV printers support multi-color printing, YD-F2513R5 glass printer is more different. In addition to CMYK, Lc, Lm, it allows UV white ink and varnish printing, by which can achieve 3D, relief and other special effects that some industries need. Especially in the field of glass printing, we often need 3D effects or highlight effect.
In short, YD-F2513R5 flatbed printer is a cost-effective digital UV flatbed printer for glass. And the following are some proofing samples of this UV printer.

Glass sliding door printing

Glass door printing


glass flatbed printing with relief effect

Glass flatbed printing with relief effect

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