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Several behaviors of damaging UV print heads
2016-10-17 16:16:14
As the core component of a UV printer, UV print head problem caused by some inadvertent error operations is easy to appear, resulting in the significant lifetime reduction of printhead. The following are several common behaviors that will damage the print head of UV ink jet printer.
Printhead of flatbed UV printer
1. Install or remove UV print head without cutting the power
This behavior will damage each system of digital UV printer and shorten the service life, especially has a serious impact on print head.
2. Use poor-quality UV ink or cleaning liquid
UV printing inks with poor quality will affect the printing effect and cause print head clogging, while bad-quality cleaning liquid may corrode nozzles. It is unwise to use cheap but poor-quality inks or cleaning liquid, also includes use different batches of inks. Therefore, we often recommend users to use original ink of printer manufacturer. Otherwise, some manufacturer may void the warranty.
3. Vigorously clean print heads with high pressure air gun
You can use a needle to gently water the print head or with amount of cleaning fluid added into the needle to clean the nozzle if it is only a slight blockage. But you can not vigorously clean printheads with high pressure air gun for high efficiency.
4. Leaving the cleaning liquid in the nozzles for more than 48 hours
A long time soaking of UV print head can be more effective to remove stains, however, it may cause nozzle corrosion if soaking for too long. Although we generally adopt all stainless steel print head that is corrosion-resistant for digital UV printing machines, but it still need to pay attention.
5. Use external force to regulate the position of printhead
No matter replace or minute adjust UV print head, brute force is not recommended. Operate it according to specification with caution is right.
6. Clean print head with ultrasonic cleaning machine for a long time
Actually, ultrasound will cause adverse effects on printhead. Unless the nozzle clogging is serious, you can use ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean but with the time of less than 3 minutes. If a second clean is needed, it should be processed after the print head cooling to a normal state. Usually, there is no need to ultrasonic clean if nozzle maintenance is done in peacetime.
7. Ignore electrostatic protection
Digital printing machine is highly affected by static electricity. Therefore, don’t directly touch print heads with your hands, and you should wear protective gloves when maintaining the printhead. Besides, the ground connection should be checked and appropriately sprinkle a little salt water around the ground wire regularly.
The regular maintenance helps to ensure high quality printing effects, extend the lifetime of printheads and reduce the costs of printhead replacement, take Ricoh print head as an example, the service life of it can be up to 5 years if it is maintained good.

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