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What can digital UV inkjet printer do for home decoration?
2016-12-15 17:53:53
Digital UV inkjet printer has the capability of printing onto a variety of materials, and it is applied in various industries, more and more close to the areas of daily life. Nowadays, we can see that digital UV printing for home decoration is very popular, and it makes the home decoration more and more in line with our own wishes. What can UV ink jet printer do for home decoration.
Wallpaper printing
UV digital large format printer delivers full-color printing onto wallpaper, the printed pattern is high color fastness, which takes you into a unique world. 
Wallpaper printing for home decoration
Furniture printing
UV inkjet printer can directly print furniture, cabinets, wardrobe, sofa an so on. Whether your furniture is made of metal, plastic, glass, wood or cloth. It also can work on the basis of the carving process.
Furniture printing for home decoration
Custom ceiling printing
It can help to produce custom ceiling, no matter you want to to see stars, the sun, or any character you like, it can achieve. It is no design requirements, you can be unrestrained and enjoy your unlimited creativity.
Custom ceiling printing for home decoration
3D floor printing
Imagining you are strolling on the beach, there are beautiful shells on the beach, as well as the sound of the waves. UV printer can help you turn your floor into a sandy bench, or the others you want. It can directly print on floor tiles or 3D floor sticker.   
3D custom floor sticker printing
Curtain printing
Digital UV printing has set foot in the textile printing industry. With a digital textile printing machine, you can print curtain without plate, it is efficient and high quality. 
Curtain printing for home decoration
In addition to the above, UV printer can also be used to print door, fine art, artwork and photo, to further improve the home decoration from the details.
Besides, digital UV inkjet printer can print on towel, mouse pas, laptop case, bed linen and so on, to shape a colorful living environment.
Home decoration digital UV printing

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