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Flatbed UV printer is the new trends of glass printing technology
2016-12-06 18:56:15
The development of UV flatbed inkjet printing technology brings new opportunities for printers to try to print on different types of substrates. In the past, imaging on glass was primarily achieved through painting, etching and screen printing. And now, it can be achieved by UV ink jet flatbed printing machines.
The bigger trend of glass printing is its ability of getting high-end and high-quality color appearance. In addition, glass printing is more and more widely applied in engineering, building and interior design.
Creativity in the new printing materials
Though glass printing technology, artists can have a better performance. Painters can display and sell painting on tables, coffee tables, showers doors, glass plates and other things, combing them with artistic expression. With the development of UV printing, they found a new “canvas”.
Another more popular application today is the printing of unique building signs on glass that can be used in office and reception areas.
Printing process
Painters and interior designers have found that reverse printing of glass is a very effective method, without the use of tackifiers. The reverse side printing, or “second surface printing”, allows the final product to be protected by the glass itself.
UV LED technology
The success of printing on glass depends on the excellent adhesion and binding capacity. When printing with UV LED printing technology, there are two techniques that can be used to improve adhesion.
The first method is to rub the primer. This technique requires the primer to be applied over the entire surface of the glass, preferably with a lint-free cloth.
The second is plasma treatment. First, it removes all of the surface contaminants such as dust or residual solvents that may be left by the solvent cleaner. At the same times, it can produce a more favorable combination with the ink surface.

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