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UV Ink Printing Advantages
2017-04-08 15:59:37
UV ink, also called UV-curable ink, UV printing ink, is a green technology which is widely applied in printing equipment. The printers that used UV ink called UV printers. It can be said that UV ink plays a very important role in today’s printing industry. UV printing ink will not cause harm to human body. What’s more, it can be fast cured, save energy with good fixation, suitable for a variety of materials. 
UV ink printing has some obvious advantages.
1. Excellent color performance
High color saturation, clear ink point and high quality. UV ink printing shows higher quality color effects. For more stringent color print, it can get satisfactory results.
2. Fast curing speed
It can be fast cured by UV( Ultraviolet) light, improving production efficiency greatly. It doesn’t need to spend hours or more to be complete cured. UV ink curing can be done in one second to a few seconds. 
3. Reduce time and space costs
For general traditional printing, color changes may occur within 48 hours after the completion, and it needs space to wait for full curing. While UV ink curing is fast and dry instantly without waiting, saving time and space cost.
4. More tough print quality
The prints finished with UV printer have a better light resistance and abrasion resistance. It can reduce the loss during transportation and use cause by friction.
5. Non-pollution
UV printing ink doesn’t contain solvent, therefore, there is no solvent evaporation, will not cause pollution to the atmosphere. It is environmentally friendly. Compared to traditional four-color process, the amount of UV ink used is less.

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