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6 Characteristics the Best UV Printer Should Have
2017-04-20 17:17:46

How to define a good digital UV printer? We may learn a lot of knowledge of UV printing machine, such as what a UV printer is, what a UV printer can do, how much a UV printer cost, etc. However, if you want to buy a UV printer that is good enough, you should know these several characteristics, and choose one in a balanced way with your budget.


6 characteristics the best UV printer should have

1.A good UV printer should have a stable and tough body structure. There are mainly two kinds of treatment technology of the frame body, tempering and no tempering. The tempered steel has a greater hardness and toughness. Used in the machine’s steel frame body, the treatment process can be subdivided into two kinds, tempering before welding and tempering after welding. The steel frame tempered after welding has greater stability and durability. Sometimes it is not easy to see the difference between two printers. But this is a detail that ensure a printer’s quality and it will affect the life of the printer, therefore, consulting this point with clerk is important. 
structure and parts of a good UV printer
2. A good UV printer should be equipped with industrial print head with high speed and high resolution. Industrial print head can divided into two kinds, variable ink droplet printing head and immutable ink droplet printing head. The printing head featured variable ink droplet printing delivers smoother gradient and save ink by adapting color changes through changing the ink droplet size.
3. A good UV printer should have an outstanding ink supply system. An outstanding ink supply system with a good design idea can help achieve a smooth ink supply. It not only related the ink supply, but related to ink jetting, ink reflow processing and a series of problems. 
4. A good UV printer should use UV LED lamp curing system. UV LED curing is the mainstream curing technology for UV printing equipment now, because it is energy-saving, no excessive heat produced, and can be turn on or off instantly. The most important is that it won’t affect the substrate structure, and it can be used for all kinds of materials, heat-sensitive materials included.
5. The components a good UV printer adopted are quality guaranteed and high-accuracy. A simple way is to directly judge them according to their brand. 
6. A good UV printer should have a not cheap price. The entire production process of a good UV printer brings together better parts, better function design, more energy and detailed worked of the staff, more rigorous testing and longer time-consuming. It determine that its price will be more expensive than the average machine.
In summary, it is very careful for a good printer in the component selection, structure, function design and other aspects. When you consider whether a UV printer is worth buying, you can refer to the above points. 
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