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The new revolution of ceramic printing in China
2016-04-28 17:42:43

With people's pursuit of  fashion, personalized, simple printing already can not satisfy people's needs, this trend forces ceramic manufacturers must keep retrofit for change and innovation. The personalized ceramic tile printing, which is produced by using inkjet printing technology, also arises at the historic moment.

Compared with conventional screen printing and roller printing, ceramic ink-jet printing has many incomparable advantages. It can meet the personalized requirements in a very short time, better suited to the trend of ceramic decoration that is fashion, personalized, small batch and multi-color today. Archaize brick production develops rapidly in recent years, the surface of some high-end varieties such as imitation bark, imitation wood decorative glazed tiles is uneven stereo, the glazing printing of which can not be achieved by screen printing and roller printing, and only digital inkjet printing can be handy follow one's inclinations. Inkjet printing has been called the third industrial revolution of Chinese ceramic printing technology, be valued by more and more ceramic enterprises.

Digital inkjet printing has changed the traditional printing technology, there realization of "volley" printing, which do not contact with the brick surface, can achieve multi-angle, high density, completely rendered three-dimensional surface design effect. What's more, inkjet printing is the first to achieve one-time printing on ceramic tile stereo modeling.

When it comes to this, certainly a lot of people will sigh the impact of digital inkjet to the traditional screen printing. Digital inkjet undoubtedly has become the biggest threat to silk screen printing, whether in the  ceramic industry jumping over the next three years, or the traveling  garment printing industry. However, ink-jet technology is still evolving, there are still some technical barriers to occupy traditional screen printing markets. Coupled with the current material and equipment costs are quite high, so the price is on the high side, so now inkjet printer will not replace industrial screen printing temporarily, but it has a great opportunity to do so. This needs to draw the attention of all screen printing makers and make long-term investment plans.


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