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The better entry level UV flatbed printer for you
2016-09-12 15:58:51

How to choose an entry level flatbed printer?


There are lots of UV flatbed printers for sale on the market with varies print features and price, which is better entry level one for you? 
YOTTA UV flatbed printer
UV inkjet flatbed printers generally deliver multi color printing on flat materials, with varies print area, print thickness, speed, quality as well as price. For new people, it is normal to plan to find a cheap printing machines for their business for the limited budget. In addition to almost the  same print speed and printable color, the ability to handle a large rang of different materials with satisfactory results is important. So, if you want to make more money, you have to find a higher-quality digital flatbed printing machine that best for you to set foot in a larger business scope and make more money.

Why YD-F1510R4 UV flatbed printer is your better choice?


YOTTA YD-F1510R4 UV flatbed printer is a trusted machine with printable area of 1500X1000 mm. Since its launch in 2015, it has been praised again and again for its outstanding print performance. It uses LED UV curing, which can fast dry UV ink or coating and save power. With resolution of 600X2400 dpi, it offers rigid and flexible materials flat printing, covering almost all printing business scope. 
YD-F1510R4 UV flatbed printer adopts 3-8 pcs Ricoh Gen4 print heads with a print speed of up to 25 m²/hr. The print head quantity can be decreased or increased according to your requirements, reducing the possible maintenance fee. 
Most customers will take the white ink option, because UV printing can produce special effects with it, to make the product unique and more vivid. Take this into count, YD-F1510R4 supports for CMYK, Lc, Lm, white ink and UV varnish, to bring customers unique and high value prints. It also has print mode of unidirectional and bidirectional optionally, which can speed up your UV printing.
YD-F1510R4 has a nice price for its relatively small print area with high quality, and this is the reason why some many customers choose it as their entry level flatbed UV printer.

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