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Advantages of UV ink
2016-08-11 14:56:18
We discussed how to improve the adension of UV ink before. But why we choose to use UV ink, these advantages will tell you.
UV inks and ECO-solvent inks have their own different characteristics, which determines their application domains and methods. We can print out the beautiful relief effect with UV ink, which can be used with white ink, while ECO-solvent ink can not be mixed with white ink to use and can not achieve the relief effect.
In addition, using ECO-solvent ink, it needs coating for many materials when printing. Otherwise, it will be easy to fade. However, UV ink has strong adhesion and color solid focus, and need not to coating all materials. 
As a new environment friendly ink, UV printing ink has five advantages.
1. UV ink is safe and reliable, no solvent emissions, non-flammable, low pollution and no damage to human health. It is very suitable for health demanding packaging printing such as food, beverages, tobacco, alcohol, drugs.
2. UV ink-jet ink can dry instantly, which means high production efficiency. It adapts to a wide range and has a good adhesion on paper, aluminum foil, plastic and other substrates. The prints can be stacked immediately after printing, so it can be used for fast printing production lines.
3. It has good printability and high quality printing, it will not change the physical properties of substrates. It can be used for higher viscosity and fine product printing for its  stable viscosity, strong adhesion and bright color.
4.UV curable inks have excellent physical and chemical properties.  UV curing is a the photochemical  reaction of UV ink, that is, from a linear structure into a  mesh structure. It is high-quality and stable with many unparalleled physical and chemical properties such as water resistance, solvent resistance, abrasion resistance and aging resistance.
5. UV ink is dosage province. In the absence of solvent evaporation, the active ingredient is high, can be almost conversion of the ink film. Therefore, the overall cost is relatively low.
In conclusion, UV inks have obvious advantages, all environmental protection, quality and technology development.

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