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Why UV flatbed printer is so popular
2016-08-09 14:37:17
During print business processing, we can find that UV inkjet flatbed printer has become more and more popular. Why is this?
UV flatbed printer is a full-color digital printing machine which is high-tech, it also named as flatbed printer, UV printer, 3d flatbed printer, UV digital printing machine.  It is not limited by the materials, can print on a t-shirt, sliding door, glass, wood,  PVC, acrylic, metal sheet, leather and other flat materials. It means that it can be applied in a variety of industries, such as packaging industry, glass decoration industry, furniture printing industry, advertising industry, wall decoration industry, textile printing industry. The wide adaptability of substrates and industries, is one of the reason why UV printer is so popular.
UV digital flatbed printing machine is easy to operate and no need to plate, it can produce directly in high efficiency after proofing test. UV printer reduces the skills requirements of the operator, also saves time and labor cost. This is the second reason for its popularity.
It delivers multicolor printing. With C, M, Y, K, Lc, Lm, adding white ink and varnish, it can print colorful patterns, even with 3d, embossing, glossy effect and other effects, to meet the special needs of some industries, such as advertising printing and decoration industries. This is the third reason.
Flatbed inkjet printer has a unique advantage in small runs printing. It achieves personalized printing that people pursuit more today, such as customized t-shirt printing, customized cell phone case printing, customized packaging printing. This is the forth reason.
It also can be used in industrial printing. It has a large print format and high print speed, the prints are bright and strong colors with excellent UV and abrasion resistance. It is in full compliance with industrial standard and can be applied to production line operations. This this the fifth reason why UV flatbed printing machine is well liked.
With the continuous accumulation and maturation of UV printing technology, based on the print needs of many industries, UV printing machine and UV process has been widely accepted by  the market, and towards the color, scale, high-end direction.
YOTTA is a company specializing in development, production and sales of digital UV inkjet printing devices, the main products include UV flatbed printers, UV hybrid printers, digital textile printing machines. The company is committed to providing customers with professional UV digital printing equipment, and a full range of application solutions according to different needs of various industries from custom personalized to industrial production.

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