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Meet The New Simple Way To Print On Corrugated Boxes
2017-07-20 16:06:00
Speaking of corrugated box, there are many methods to print on it. For those who are familiar with printing industry, flexography and screen printing are two major traditional methods. And the method I would like to introduce today, is a new green printing technology compared to flexography and screen printing. It is digital UV printing.
Digital UV printing is a green technology without plate making and the image information is transmitted directly to a UV printer via computer, and then the printer direct print the image onto the substrate. If you want print custom corrugated boxes, no matter for gift, promotion, or others, UV printer should be your first choice for it doesn’t cost as high as those traditional printing technology.

In the video, we can see a small part of the printing process as well as the results. It is simple and perform well.
In addition to print corrugated boxes, UV printing machine can also print onto many other materials, such as wood, glass, PVC film, etc. However, for some materials, for better results, there may be some corresponding pre-processing and post-processing. If you want to get more information, welcome to contact us.

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