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Create Your Custom Yoga Mats With Flatbed UV Printer!
2017-07-01 17:43:03
Personalized items have been easy-achieved with direct UV printing technology. It can be said that the personalized trend has swept the world. After 3D floor sticker, custom keyboard, embossed TV background wall, pleasing cabinet, another personalized field - custom Yoga mats has raised. 

It seems that a great significance of the emergence of digital UV printing teahnology is to lead us accelerate into a personalized era, without too much misgivings. For example, if you want to run a printing business for custom items, such as curtains, it is not a worth thing with traditional printing machine unless you can receive large production orders. Digital UV printer has its unique advantage for small-batch production. It is no quantity limit, therefore, it is extremely ideal for custom printing. Besides, UV printer is easy to operate, so that it doesn’t require too much operation experience and skills, convenient for small workshops to carry out business. And the development and competition of small business, is undoubtedly further to promote the personalized printing.     

Create custom item become so easy with a UV printing machine, just like the custom Yoga mat in the video. With a YOTTA UV flatbed printer, high-quality and no fade patterns can be directly printing on to the substrates. Besides, our flatbed printers support UV white ink and UV varnish printing, which can make the prints look more delicate.
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